Sorry, all my YouTube videos are taken down due to ETS's copyright claims.
I'm currently working on it and try to recover the videos through other means.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi, I'm Jack, a GRE tutor from China, also tutor in English.

  • V170 Q170 AWA5.0 scorer

  • one of the best-known GRE tutor in China

  • 8 years of GRE tutoring experience

  • having guided 10,000+ students

  • having taken 100+ GRE exams with my team since 2014

  • Owning the largest real question banks of GRE on the planet (except ETS)

  • a legend

are the past,
I'm the FUTURE!
Join me.

Video Courses

based on real GRE questions

Real Question Banks

2000+Q, 3000+TC, 500+RC

Free Resources

Vocab List, AWA Samples, Real Questions

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Plan your GRE study day by day

contact me:
Reddit: u/GREJackZ
Whatsapp: +86 13811926518