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Some people believe that it is helpful to view a challenging situation as an opportunity for personal growth. Others believe that reimagining challenging situations this way occupies too much of the focus one needs to face challenges effectively.

Write a response in which you discuss which view more closely aligns with your own position and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should address both of the views presented.

What kind of mindset should people have to face challenges? Some say that a challenging situation is certainly an opportunity for personal growth. However, others argue that focusing on thinking about challenging situations takes away from the time and energy needed to effectively face challenges. While the opposing viewpoint may seem logical at first glance, in my opinion, people should use challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

First, let's look at what it means to grow. I believe that growth occurs when one can do things that one could not do before or learn about things that one could not perceive before. In this way, doing challenging things is a good opportunity for personal growth. What kind of situation would make people feel that it is a challenging thing? It must be because it's something we haven't done before, or something we didn't know before. So, doing something challenging is an opportunity to do something that people have not done before. Examples of this abound. From childhood to adulthood, we grow up in school precisely because each year we learn something we did not know before. Learning new knowledge is challenging in itself, but how can a student improve when he or she is learning the same knowledge every year? A person's growth in the workplace is also inseparable from challenges. Being in charge of a new project each time is challenging but will help a person grow quickly.

Because challenges are so helpful to personal growth, some people believe that people should face them as much as possible instead of spending their time thinking about them. However, I believe that people should think about challenging situations well enough before solving them so that they can face them more effectively without worrying about how much time these thoughts will take away from facing them.

Of course, there are conditions that promote personal growth other than challenge, such as environment, experience, etc. For example, if people around you are not looking for improvement, then it is difficult to make progress in such an environment. However, if the people around are very much seeking progress, then deep in such an environment, even if we do not face challenges, we will unconsciously want to improve ourselves. Similarly, reading, traveling, and other things that enhance personal experience will also be conducive to personal growth. These situations themselves do not directly challenge us, but we can still make progress.

However, to think about it another way, whether it is the challenging work itself, or the environment or experience that drives personal growth, it is essentially a challenge. The reason a person can make progress in an upwardly mobile environment is to challenge the excellence of those around them to become even better. That people go out to travel or read more to enhance their experience is also a challenge because they are going out of their comfort zone to see things they never have met before.

In short, challenges are the best opportunities for personal growth, and people should not think less about them in order to face them effectively.

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