ISSUE-155 (2022 new)


Some people believe that traveling to and living in numerous places increases one's ability to relate and connect to other people. Others believe that this ability is better cultivated by living in one place and developing a deep understanding of that community.

Write a response in which you discuss which view more closely aligns with your own position and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should address both of the views presented.

How to improve one's ability to relate and connect to other people? Some may think that people should travel more and live in different places for a while. But in my opinion, living in the same place and having a deep understanding of the place is the best way to develop the ability to connect with people.

Regarding the ability to connect with others, it can be evaluated from two perspectives, the quantity and quality of connections. In terms of increasing the number of connections, living in different places is naturally a better way. Firstly, if you go out more, you can get in touch with more people and get to know more people, and then there are more people you can connect with. Second, and more importantly, the key to better connecting to others is following the principle of no judge. This is because, focusing on judging people often indicates the declination to recognize ideas, lifestyles and customs of other people. In this case, the person's circle of life will be limited only to the small group of people that they recognize. But if you go out more and see different lifestyles and customs, you will gradually feel that existence is reasonable, and be more likely to follow the customs. It is in this way that we get to connect to more people.

Nevertheless, I value the quality of connections more than the quantity of connections. A person can have thousands of names on their Facebook friend lists, but on average, only less than 200 of these people are really familiar to him/her. This means that people can only have high quality of connections with a limited number of people they know. Therefore, it makes little sense to blindly pursue the number of connections with people, but the quality of connections is what people should pay attention to in their social life. And the longer you live in the same place, the more time you spend with people in that place, the better the quality of connection is. Moreover, the connection is mutual. In order to be able to connect with others better, in addition to allowing yourself to get to know people, you should also provide opportunities for others to get to know you. Therefore, if we only stay in one place for a short time, people could only develop superficial connections with each other. Instead, it is only when we live in a place long enough that the locals get to know us and connect with us better.

So while going to more places can improve the quality of our connections with others, is building higher quality connections with others is more meaningful, and that cannot be done without living in a place for a long time.

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